Rosenthal Ketubah in Process

Tracing of ketubah design           Color Study of wedding flowers                              Final Hebrew/English Text

Pencil on vellum paper           Watercolor and gouache on Fabriano paper                I paint the text first and 

                                                                                                                                                 and then the border art.

I paint the flowers around the text starting from the right hand side bottom and work my way up and around to the left. After the flowers are completed I add the landscape, sky and any finishing touches. 

The art is covered with special protective sheets as the work is created to make sure the work is kept clean throughout the painting. I play festive music as I paint the illustrative flowers as if it were already at the wedding. The mood of my studio is very calm, serene and filled with Brushstrokes of Love


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"The completed Rosenthal Ketubah for 

Rachel and Josh. 

"Catskill Attraction"


Concept: Landscape of  Summitville Lake, NY with Catskill mountains where they met at summer camp. Surrounded by a selection of the bride's bouquet and wedding flowers with two "love" hummingbirds nested in the branches of the banyon tree enchanced with light bulbs.Hebrew and English Rabbi approved text with shape of ring stone. Torah script inclusive of crowns with exclusive Rosenthal hand ground and blended ink. 

Rachel's best friend signs the

Rosenthal Ketubah.

Photo by Unplugged Photography.

Rachel and Josh kiss after signing their Rosenthal Ketubah.

Photo by Unplugged Photography. 

Rachel and Josh kiss under the chupah

with the Rosenthal Ketubah

in a frame on an easel. 

Brushstrokes of Love

Photo by Unplugged Photography. 

Morris First Anniversary Gift:

Paper. 22" x 30" Fabriano Artistico paper, watercolor and archival ink pen calligraphy.

Video by Mark Brownstone