GALLERY 1: Traditional Ketubahs

Radiant Cup Floral Border               Wedding Poem Ketubah    

English Ketubah Medium Complex

Catskill Attraction Border Ketubah


Traditional Ketubah Hebrew/English


Post Mills, Vermont Ketubah

Wedding Vows / Botanical Landscape

Hebrew and English text (+Complex)      


Matthiola incana, Stock flower and

borderwith vows text. English/Simple 

Renewal Vows

Plants of the Bible   

Hebrew and English text (+Complex)     

Canal Bicycle Path Ketubah 

Landscape/Botanical/Bicycle theme

Traditional Ketubah Hebrew/English


Portland, OR, Stegosaurus in Love

Steinbrook-Gell Ketubah, Landscape,

Botanical, Historical Nature Science

Traditional 22" x 30", conservative

Hebrew text (+Complex)


Morris First Anniversary Floral Border and calligraphy. Watercolor and Archival ink on 

Fabriano artistico hp 300 lb paper. 


Hibiscus Rose Orchid Border Newest Rosenthal Ketubah to be shown with text soon. 22" x 30" Fabriano Artistico hot press paper. 


David and Alex Ketubah 22" x 30 " on Fabriano Artistico hp 300 lb paper. Landscape of Mount Si, OR,  wildlife nature Owl and Beswick Wren, forest botanical flowers and pines. Detail of Flowers and Wren.